Circe is an enchantress, known and respected for her knowledge of herbs. She is a gifted potion maker and has the ability to transform any problems or obstacles into animals.

Circe knows the darkness, she has traveled far into the shadows, deep into the black night. She also knows darkness is needed to see the stars. Some fear Circe as she usually appears in their darkest hour. But fear not, she is here to come to aid to those in the midst of their journey trough the underworld to protect them and lead them back into the light.

And as you rise from the ashes and step back into the light, she stays behind on her island in the land of gloom to give comfort and guidance for new lost souls that visit her. As a true Queen. A Queen of Darkness.

The Reader

The one who is passing the Snow Leopards Gate will enter the world of the ancient. A world of old wisdom and deep knowledge. One of poetry and myths and the greatest of saga’s ever told.

And there, far into the frosty lands, on top of a huddle of comfortably cuddled up snow leopards, stands a woman. She is reading. As her whispers softly travel with the cold winds and whirling show flakers, the animals are drawn to the enigmatic stories she tells. They pile up, higher and higher into the great divine.

Sister of Mercy

There is a place between time and space. Where dreams and reality dissolve into each other and turn into a parallel universe. In this universe lives a luminescent princess and her giraffe. She is the guardian of children. The happy children, the lonely children, the inner children living in adult bodies. All the children. And during the night, while she lays down beside them and gently touches their eyes, she softly sings lullabies and puts her giraffe into their arms to keep them company during their dream journeys.

She brings mercy. She brings you mercy. She is a Sister of Mercy.