A royal delivery is expected: Leeuwenhart, the heir to the throne. We follow her in her journey through landscapes as diverse as they are serene. It’s dead silent, apart from a soft rumbling heard throughout the kingdom that slowly but surely becomes louder and louder. It has an undeniable attraction to all living things. Creatures start following it. Search parties are set up and messengers are sent to every corner of the land to summon all that live in the land of Leeuwenhart to follow the cause of the disturbance – the great white lion, the carrier of the most precious gift. His is the honorary task to deliver a human child. It’s a long and adventurous journey through dark woods and misty mountains. Along the way, we meet the most mondrous of animals, the inhabitants of the kingdom. They will follow and escort the white lion on his journey. For all of them, it is the send-off of their their little queen Leeuwenhart, and the long-awaited gathering og two kingdoms.

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